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Bob Proctor

as honest as the day is long. It has nothing to hide. Recently, he participated in the Spiritual Cinema Circle volume number 10 in 2010, he made $ 4,000 a year and owes $ 6,000 when they first met “The Secret” in the early 1960th He gave the book his teacher at the time called “The Science of getting rich,” Bob always says that one up -. Every day, it is falling apart and held together with rubber bands every day for the last 50 years

Bob Proctor the secret – has changed my whole life

His life changed shortly after this book and read every day – and for eight years – did not know that pretending to change their life, but he was glad he did. His life began to change in a few months of its launch this new path. He was so hungry, then another, went and bought a cheap battery-powered player, so you can listen to the “greatest secret” Earl Nightingale said about the “science of getting rich.” reprogram your mind wherever he went, he listened to what. player again and again And when you did not listen to records in his spare time reading – a week again and again what he did was reprogram your mind His mind was full of what he reads and hears all milling to take chances of negative programming. fact, positive programming has taken over and changed his zhytstse.Pospeh found him He became so successful that within months he had done more than a month, he made a year later – still in the 60th week years of paying his debt, and he was expelled and works One day, while listening to Earl Nightingale, conceived the idea of ​​starting a business, and instead of just “dream” that he could do, he decided in his mind. He created a new company and made a pot of money before they sold. decided that he felt more excited to learn what he learned on the other, so that they can discover the secrets of how to become rich like him That’s when he went to the store today -. help others learn the science of getting wealth

Most people do not get to these principles, because jump on things. thing, a thing without the full participation in the program after completion. Most people do not know how to act on their ideas because they think so little about himself.

But do not be one of those people. Act now, and follow the instructions on how to use in the 11 forgotten laws change your life. Negotiate and sign the 11 forgotten laws and start achieving your goals, not just dream about them. Bob can learn everything you need to know to develop less than the relative =” nofollow “onclick =” _gaq. push ([“href =””> Mind Power from 11 forgotten laws.

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Bob Proctor’s Humble Beginnings

Bob Proctor is one of the most popular speaker and mentor in the world today. He is highly sought for his unique and effective mentoring styles. He has been in this kind of business for over 40 years now and still he remains, which means that he is really effective in terms of preaching his principles. It is also because of the popularity of his books and seminars that he got discovered by The Secret’s producer and eventually joined the roster of qualified speakers to explain the Law of Attraction.

So how exactly did Bob Proctor get involved in this field? It may be a surprise for you if you have known that Bob never had any formal education in this type of study. He was in fact a high school dropout who was doing dead end jobs. He was living pay check to pay check and was had a bulk of debt under his name. In short, at that point of Bob’s life the future was very bleak.

As if fated, Bob’s friend at that time saw his potential to succeed and be big. Thus, he gave him a book which he could read in the hopes of eventually pushing him to change something in his life. The book was entitled “Think and Grow Rich” by author Napoleon Hill. He internalized all the words in this book and applied it in his own life. He then left his dead-end jobs and proceeded to put up his own business. This was the turning point of his life; he was instantly attracting success and was earning way more than what he was earning before.

Inspired by the book and along with the success that he was experiencing, he was determined to learn more about success-based teachings. He studied all the different ideas and principles that helped him to attract wealth. Even though he was reading other success-based materials, he never let go of the very first book that pushed him to change his life for the better; as a matter of fact he considered this book as his own success manual, keeping it with him wherever he goes.

After getting an in depth explanation of the principles and philosophies that he had applied to his own life, Bob felt the need and intense desire to share this to the whole world too. He felt that if he was able to make his life turn a full 360 degrees, there should be no reason why others can’t.

Learn more about Bob Proctor. Stop by where you can find out all about The Secret and what it can do for your life.

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