Life’s Learning Lessons Wayne Dyer Divorce


Wayne Dyer is a well known American self help guru, writer and public speaker rolled into one. He has written and has published a lot of books like Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life, Living the Wisdom of the Tao, Excuses Be Gone!, How to Change Lifelong, Self-defeating Thinking Habits, Begin in Balance, 9 Principle for Creating Habit to Match Your Desires, You’ll See It When You Believe It, The Way To Your Personal Transformation, Manifest Your Destiny, The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want, Living the Wisdom of the Tao, The Complete Tao Te Ching and Affirmations and a lot more. However, like all other humans, Wayne Dyer is also vulnerable to life’s challenges. This particular self help writer has unfortunately gone through a major emotional trial, the infamous Wayne Dyer divorce.

Wayne Dyer has been married for three times, and was married to his third wife, Marcelene Dyer, for about a long twenty years. The Dyer couple have given life to seven wonderful children namely Shane, Stephanie, Skye, Sommer, Serena, Sands and Saje. But Marcelene unfortunately left Wayne for someone else. The Wayne Dyer divorce has made a huge impact in Wayne Dyer’s life and has caused it to go through a three hundred degree turn. Getting up and recovering from that turmoil was possibly the hardest thing to do for Wayne Dyer, seeing that the world still continued its routine despite the shattering situation that he was in. it is like watching a movie, except that he was in the movie and that it feels more real than imagined. Because of the Wayne Dyer divorce, he was able to realize the real meaning of having someone that you have been with for a long period of time and that that someone can also easily drop everything in front of you and just pick up her things and leave you helpless.

If you think that the length of time that you have spent together with your special someone (such that of the twenty years relationship Wayne had with his wife) and the many years of being together would be more than enough to make someone stick and stay in the marriage that he or she is in and avoid the tragic ending like that of the Wayne Dyer divorce, well you are very wrong.

The Wayne Dyer divorce will leave us wondering what things in life are guaranteed to remain the same. The Wayne Dyer divorce lets us stop for a while and think and re-evaluate the true meaning of marriage. What happened to the Dyer couple goes to show that there is nothing really permanent in this life and that there will always be unexpected events that will strike our way. But either good or bad, each situation should give us hope. Hope that in time things will fall into place and that other people have been through worse yet life has turned pretty much well for them. The Wayne Dyer divorce might have changed a lot of Wayne’s life, but it sure did open new doors and opportunities for him to explore and find growth.

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